Health Insurance


Offer competitive benefits at competitive costs

Selecting the right group medical plan can be complicated. Let us provide you with the best choices on the market. Our company has the ability to find the plans to meet the needs of all your group medical clients.  

We offer the latest plans in the Market including:

  • Health Savings Accounts and Qualified High Deductible Plans
  • MEC Plans
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts
  • Consumer Driven Health Plans
  • Traditional PPO Health Plans
  • Partially Self-Funded Plans
  • Fully Self-Funded Plans 
  • Limited Benefit Plans
  • GAP Plans
  • Mini-Med Plans
  • Group Dental Insurance
  • Group Vision Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Short-term disability
  • Group Long-term Disability
  • Group Critical Illness


The health care industry is undergoing constant change, which gives us the ongoing challenge of presenting you with products that will provide the insurance protection they desire at a cost they can afford.  We are continually looking for ways to provide products to fit every need and we feel that we offer some of the better ones in the market place.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is a name that is widely respected and recognized.  The IAC Personal health plans from Fidelity Security, an A rated Carrier, offers a wide array of plans with varying premiums.  Locally owned American National offers some distinctive products such as their Catastrophic Plan and the ability to deal with underwriting direct.  Assurant Health, a Time Insurance Company, is continually replacing older plans and offering new plans to complete in the ever changing market place.  We can also offer some Guarantee Issue Limited benefit plans, which are becoming more popular since many people cannot qualify from an underwriting perspective.

Complete Insurance Coverage

From the HSA plans to comprehensive Co-pay plans, you can find them here! The products we offer will empower you to tailor a benefits package suitable to satisfy your client’s needs.

What drives your clients decision . . . rates, benefits, or something in between? We have it!

Working with only the best carriers, we offer the following plans:

  • Flexible Major Medical Plans
  • Short Term Medical Plans
  • Qualified High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts
  • Hospital/Surgical and Reduced/Limited Benefit Plans
  • Individual Dental Plans
  • International Medical Plans
  • Medicare Supplement Plans


When your employees reach the age of 65, and eligible for Medicare Part A and B. We have Medicare Supplement for (Part D) discount plan for the Rx, Drug Plan.


If you are 65 and older with low income, and already qualify Medicare Part A and B, we have Medicare Supplement Part D-Drug Plan, and other Medical supplies that you need, at low cost.

If you are disability, not able to work and qualified for Government Program Assistance part A and B, we can assist you to qualify Medicare Supplement at discount.

Medicare Part A & B helps pay for hospital stays and doctor visits, but it generally does not cover all health care costs. Many people enroll in additional plans, such as AARP MedicareComplete plans, insured through UnitedHealthcare, to help pay for costs and services not covered by Original Medicare.

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